Questions for the OS and SSAD assignment.

Operating Systems (Due Date: 2 March)

Explain the structure of process management. [4]

Explain DOS Structure. What are the system files in DOS? How is memory
management done in DOS? [6]

Explain job scheduling in detail.[5]

Explain process scheduling in detail. [5]

Explain three major techniques for device management. [7]

What is multitasking, Explain the two types of multitasking. [3]

Write a note on Windows XP. Explain the structure and features.
Explain the hardware requirements. [10]

Explain the components of a Linux system. Explain some basic commands.
Explain the uses of Linux (especially commercial uses). [10]

SSAD (Due Date: 4 March)

Draw and discuss Spiral model of system development. [5]

Explain various types of information required at different levels of
management in an organization. [5]

Explain “Multi-functional role of a system analyst”. [5]

Explain in detail, the prototype model with the help of a diagram. [5]

Explain “Multi-faced role of a system analyst”. [5]

Draw and explain the RAD model. [5]

What is a system? Explain the characteristics of a system. Explain the
elements of a system. [10].

Explain all the phases of the SDLC. [10]


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