Github page now includes ASP Solutions.

The github page now includes ASP Solutions for the question papers. Now, those who are willing to go through them and try to execute them on their own, will have at least a fighting chance in the practicals which are on the 27th of April.

Direct Link:

A few things to note:

  • The github page does NOT contain the solution to literally every question in the papers
  • It only contains answers to questions that use ADO.
  • Folders that are titled with month and year contain the solutions. The month and data refer to the month and year of the question paper.
  • The github page also does not have repeats. So if a question is repeated again, it’s code is not repeated since the questions are so similar, it would only be a matter of copying and pasting
  • It only contains solutions to ASP problems that use ADO (i.e. databases). Therefore, Javascript (and simple HTML) problems are not included however, a few that might be difficult have been.
  • Also, all projects assume you have the database in order. They all use the “practicalsdsn” which is a DSN which points to the database.mdb file included in the page.
  • The problems assume that you have the proper tables in the database as required by the questions. The “database.mdb” file does. Therefore, if you were to create a DSN that points to this file, that would be enough.
  • The page also contains some JS and HTML from practicals that happened during the semester and an “Address Book” application written in ASP. As mentioned elsewhere, simply implementing and understanding that application should provide plenty of practice.



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