Linux Resources: Important Links, etc.

This post contains various resources for Linux that will make studying it a little easier and help people who want to do more than just study about Linux.

Tiny CentOS VM:

This is a “VirtualBox Appliance”, which means it’s  packaged, ready-made, virtual machine. It contains a basic CentOS 7 installation that requires only a few gigabytes of space and 512 MB of RAM. Practicing on this is the recommended way to study Linux at home. To use it, you will need to download and install VirtualBox.

Username: user

Password: user

Note: You will need to enable AMD-v (if you have an AMD processor) or VT-x (if you have a Intel Chip) on your motherboard through the BIOS settings. See your laptop / motherboard’s manual or search Google for “How to enable virtualization on [laptop model]” for details on how to do this.

Learning Vim:

This is the best book to learn vim, the text editor that we will be using to edit config files and stuff. A lot of people in the industry still use this as their primary editor rather than Sublime Text or Atom or whatever.

If you have vim installed, you should also look at the program vimtutor that will probably be installed with vim. It should be noted that vim and vi and NOT the same. There are a lot of differences. vi will probably be pre-installed, but using vim is recommended.

Side Note: Before installing vim on a RedHat based distro (like CentOS or Fedora), run the following command:

sudo yum update vim-minimal (for CentOS) and sudo dnf update vim-minimal for Fedora.

Also, for the sake of fairness, there is a popular alternative to vim called emacs.

For advanced users:

Those who have already installed Linux and are familiar with it should look at installing Arch Linux. Simply going through the installation process will be a valuable learning experience.

Recommended Reading:

Those looking to learn Linux more deeply should take a look at the following resources:


Debian Handbook

Intro to Linux:

This post may be updated in the future.


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