Linux Assignment 8 Aug, 2017



i. What is an Operating System?

ii. Explain the basic architecture of Linux/Unix OS.


i. Explain the following commands:
a) who
b) date (with all options)
c) tty
d) uname

ii. Display the date in the following format:
25 January 2015 12 Hours 45 Minutes 5 Seconds

iii. Find out the days of Feb 2014 and save it in a file ‘Calender.lst‘.

iv. Write a command to display the users logged on.


i. Create a directory structure under your present working directory:

dept -- IT -- ITFile1.lst
           -- ITFile2.lst

     -- CS -- CSFile1.lst
           -- CSFile2.lst

ii. Rename ‘dept‘ to ‘BCA_dept‘.

iii. Copy the entire directory ‘BCA_dept‘ to ‘MCA_dept‘ in the same level.

iv. Remove the subdirectory IT from ‘MCA_dept‘.

v. Rename the file ‘ITFile1.lst‘ and ‘ITFile2.lst‘ to ‘SYFile‘ and ‘TYFile‘ respectively.

vi. Copy all the files in the CS directory from ‘BCA_dept‘, beginning with CS and ending with either 1 or 3 into another folder named ‘CS_backup‘ (Same level as that of ‘BCA_dept‘ and ‘MCA_dept‘).