SQT Assignment 2

  1. What is Process and Product Quality Improvement?
  2. Explain CMI.
  3. Explain SEI Process
  4. What is Process Classification?
  5. Explain ISO 9001 for Software Engineering.

Linux Assignment 8 Aug, 2017



i. What is an Operating System?

ii. Explain the basic architecture of Linux/Unix OS.


i. Explain the following commands:
a) who
b) date (with all options)
c) tty
d) uname

ii. Display the date in the following format:
25 January 2015 12 Hours 45 Minutes 5 Seconds

iii. Find out the days of Feb 2014 and save it in a file ‘Calender.lst‘.

iv. Write a command to display the users logged on.


i. Create a directory structure under your present working directory:

dept -- IT -- ITFile1.lst
           -- ITFile2.lst

     -- CS -- CSFile1.lst
           -- CSFile2.lst

ii. Rename ‘dept‘ to ‘BCA_dept‘.

iii. Copy the entire directory ‘BCA_dept‘ to ‘MCA_dept‘ in the same level.

iv. Remove the subdirectory IT from ‘MCA_dept‘.

v. Rename the file ‘ITFile1.lst‘ and ‘ITFile2.lst‘ to ‘SYFile‘ and ‘TYFile‘ respectively.

vi. Copy all the files in the CS directory from ‘BCA_dept‘, beginning with CS and ending with either 1 or 3 into another folder named ‘CS_backup‘ (Same level as that of ‘BCA_dept‘ and ‘MCA_dept‘).

Java Assignment 1/2/2017

  1. WAP to accept a string from user and calculate length of given string.
  2. WAP to accept a string and a character and print the number of times that character has occurred in a string.
  3. WAP to accept a string from user and print count as well as all the vowel characters from it.
  4. WAP to check whether a string is a palindrome or not.
  5. WAP To find out number of repeated characters in a string.
  6. WAP to demonstrate user defined exceptions.

E-commerce assignment due Friday

This is a marked e-commerce assignment that is due Friday. It is possible to submit this electronically or on paper but it will carry actual internal marks and is due Friday.

The requirements for this assignment are:

Create an e-commerce business model (i.e. a concept for an e-commerce website). The assignment should highlight the following:

  • Concept
  • What problem does it solve?
  • What are the key benefits?
  • What are the key components?
  • What are the key challenges?

VB.NET Problems assignment to be submitted by 26th August.

This is a VB.NET  assignment by Madhavendra Sir to be submitted in a Journal, by the 26th of August.


  1. Take two numbers from a user and print the maximum and minimum of those numbers.
  2. Take a number from a user and check if it’s odd or even.
  3. Add a number to itself using the assignment operator.
  4. Where a = 12, b = 10, use the And operator and find out the result.
  5. Print numbers from 15 to 30 using Do While and Do Until
  6. Print numbers from 10 to 30 using the While loop.
  7. Print all odd numbers between 1 and 20 using For loop.
  8. Demonstrate each loop.
  9. Print the multiplication table of 5.
  10. Find out factorial of a number.
  11. Calculate salary using a Sub procedure.
  12. Swap two numbers (a = 10, b = 20) using a Sub procedure.
  13. Swap two numbers without using a third (temp) variable.
  14. Find out the volume of a box where length = 10, breadth = 15, height = 25.
  15. Accept a number and display if it is prime or not.
  16. Accept a number from the user. Create 3 different methods to perform the following operations:
    1. Check whether number is an Armstrong Number.
    2. Factorial of the Number.
    3. Sum of the digits of a number.
  17. Pattern:
  18. Pattern:
  19. Login with the use of a comparison operator and a logical operator.
  20. Concatenate a string with a number.
  21. Accept a password from a user a maximum of 3 times. After 3 attempts, the user must be locked.



Questions for the OS and SSAD assignment.

Operating Systems (Due Date: 2 March)

Explain the structure of process management. [4]

Explain DOS Structure. What are the system files in DOS? How is memory
management done in DOS? [6]

Explain job scheduling in detail.[5]

Explain process scheduling in detail. [5]

Explain three major techniques for device management. [7]

What is multitasking, Explain the two types of multitasking. [3]

Write a note on Windows XP. Explain the structure and features.
Explain the hardware requirements. [10]

Explain the components of a Linux system. Explain some basic commands.
Explain the uses of Linux (especially commercial uses). [10]

SSAD (Due Date: 4 March)

Draw and discuss Spiral model of system development. [5]

Explain various types of information required at different levels of
management in an organization. [5]

Explain “Multi-functional role of a system analyst”. [5]

Explain in detail, the prototype model with the help of a diagram. [5]

Explain “Multi-faced role of a system analyst”. [5]

Draw and explain the RAD model. [5]

What is a system? Explain the characteristics of a system. Explain the
elements of a system. [10].

Explain all the phases of the SDLC. [10]